There are two options for signing up as a DGRD vendor and both are available below. All pertinent information is available on each page.

One option is to print a .pdf document and mail it in, along with your check to the address indicated on the form.

The other option is to sign up online, and submit the application via email, and make out your check and mail as indicated. There is information listed on the online application as an example; therefore, just type your information over the example (i.e. telephone #, date of signing, etc.) When you click “submit” your application automatically is delivered by email to our organizers.

For printing a .pdf application click here

Vendor Application PDF file

Would you like to be a vendor at this event? Fill out this form and and email it to Kat Mendenhall 530/333-0394.

Please fill in complete and have you other documents ready.

For accessing and filling out an online application click here.

Vendor Application Online Form


For any infomation please contact:
Patti Babish: (530) 334-6333 or Kat Mendenhall (530) 333-0394